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Introducing the Premium Gospel Organ Bundle, the ultimate solution for anyone looking to become a skilled organist.  (These videos are demonstrated on a real vintage C3 Hammond organ with a real Leslie speaker) With this bundle, you will receive:
- Three different video courses: A-Z Gospel Organ, Contemporary Organ Techniques, and Shouting Music For The Organ
-  Several hours of practical and relevant instruction
- The ability to learn how to play the organ and set it up to get a wonderful sound with the drawbar settings and functions of the organ
- The opportunity to fill a void at your church or even accept an opportunity to serve at church as the organist
- Everything that you need to sound like a very skilled organist
- The ability to play for your church choir, praise team, high praise, worship moments, and how to back up a preacher
- The ability to play smooth talk music and help set the atmosphere with great sounding organ chords and progressions
- The ability to play the appropriate music and songs for an entire service from the beginning to the end
- The ability to transfer your skills that you have on the piano and apply them to the organ
- Learn how to play the foot pedals and how to play with an entire band or just with a drummer
Can you see yourself playing the organ like how you have always wanted to? Can you imagine the difference that you filling a void would make? This bundle may be the missing ingredient for you to really play like you have been envisioning in your mind. Don’t wait, don’t delay, get on the road to becoming a very accomplished organist today.

Premium Gospel Organ Bundle


Spend at least $25.00 & get 1 product for 50% off

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