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Unleash your true potential as a gospel drummer with Soulful Sticks: Unlocking The Power of Gospel Drumming. Join Tancredi Lo Cigno, a Berklee School of Music graduate and renowned touring musician, as he shares his expertise and secrets to create captivating drumming performances.


In this transformative video, you will:


- Learn mesmerizing grooves that define gospel drumming

- Create your own fills and licks

- Master Tancredi's electrifying drum fills

- Elevate your playing with expertly executed accents

- Discover how to create bright and dark sounds

- Gain invaluable tips for effective practice


Don't miss out on this treasure trove of valuable information. Embark on a thrilling journey and watch your drumming abilities soar with Soulful Sticks: Unlocking The Power of Gospel Drumming.




Tancredi Lo Cigno is a drummer and educator from Florence specialized in Pop/Rock and Fusion drumming. In 2015, after graduating from the G. B. Martini Conservatory of Bologna, he moved to Boston, where in about two and a half years he completed the 'Drums Performance' course at Berklee College of Music with honors. In 2022 he graduated from the advanced program of the L. Cherubini Conservatory of Florence with honors. In recent years he has worked in various musical scenes; in the Pop/Rock/Indie scene with artists such as Diaframma, Ilaria (X-Factor), Wepro (Amici/San Remo Giovani), Emma Nolde, Cecco e Cipo (X-Factor), Renee, Rojabloreck (The Band), Michele Beneforti, Cherry Mellow, Shane Weisman, Matt Christianson, Miranda and others that took him on tour both in Italy and on the East Coast of the United States. He is also present in more Jazz/Fusion groups such as Meraz, One Month, Aleif Hamdan Group, Rini and the Fluoroscent Collective with whom he has performed in Italy, New York and Asia.


In 2014 Tancredi begins his teaching career with his first clinic tour on Rhythmic Illusions called 'Time Trip' which led him to collaborate with masters such as Christian Meyer (Elio e le Storie Tese), Bruno Farinelli (Elisa, Cesare Cremonini, Il Volo) and Yoron Israel (Chair of the Percussion Department of Berklee College of Music). Over the years the Time Trip clinics have evolved also arriving in the UK, at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and on many occasions inside the classrooms at Berklee, when the drummer was still a student at 23 years old. In 2020 he publishes the 'Time Trip Book' with the famous New York publishing company Hudson Music, becoming their first Italian author. In 2021 he films 10 series for, the most important name in the Italian educational online platforms. In 2022 his first video method 'Time Trip - The Movie' is being released, again together with Hudson Music.


In 2018 Tancredi released his first album of original compositions with the trio Yawyl, called 'The Moment After This One'. The project was born at Berklee together with JennHwan Wong (keyboards and synths) and Rafael Minerbo (bass) and it presents a modern-jazz/electronic-rock sound; impactful arrangements, that always leave room for improvisation
and the personality of the three performers.


Tancredi also studied privately with Mark Guiliana, Dave DiCenso, Kenwood Dennard, JP Bouvet, Kim Plainfield, Panagiotis Andreou, Bruno Farinelli, Maurizio dei Lazzaretti and many others.



Soulful Sticks: Unlock The Power of Gospel Drumming


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