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Are you tired of feeling lost when it comes to understanding chord structure? Do you want to unlock the secrets to playing jazzy, colorful, and rich sounding chords on the piano or organ? Look no further than "Understanding Chords."
With this comprehensive video training, you'll gain a deep understanding of how chords are constructed and formed. You'll learn to recognize and play chord symbols accurately, and discover how to construct wonderful sounding chords on the piano or organ.
But that's not all! Here are some additional benefits you can expect from "Understanding Chords":
  • Learn to identify specific chords that you are playing
  • Understand the theory behind chord progressions and how they work in different genres of music
  • -Develop the ability to recognize and replicate musical patterns
  • Learn to play your favorite chords and progressions in every key
  • Communicate with other musicians using the correct chord terminology
This video training will help you overcome the following:
  1. Struggling to understand chord structure and progressions
  2. Limited to playing basic chords
 3. Difficulty communicating with other musicians
 4. Not knowing how to create jazzy, colorful, and rich sounding chords
Don't miss out on this game-changing training video.
Download "Understanding Chords" today and unlock your full musical potential.


Understanding Chords


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