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Elevate your musical prowess and touch the hearts of your audience with "Essential Gospel Piano Classics." This exceptional video course presents a handpicked collection of (10) timeless gospel classics that will revolutionize your playing. Perfect for musicians in ministries or churches, these soul-stirring melodies are a must-have for anyone seeking to level up their skills. Download today and experience the transformative power of these gospel classics that will captivate and inspire.
Immerse yourself in these wonderful  songs like "I'm a Soldier In the Army of The Lord," "Jesus (His Blood)," and "Hallelujah." Feel the uplifting power of anthems such as "Praise Him" and "How Great Is Our God." Create an atmosphere of worship with the awe-inspiring melodies of "How Great Thou Art" and "Thank You Lord." Let "I Know It Was The Blood," "Take Me To The Water," and "Bless That Wonderful Name of Jesus" touch the hearts of your listeners. Order now and unlock your full potential with our Essential Gospel Piano Classics - the pinnacle of musical excellence awaits you.
Song List:
1. I'm a Soldier In the Army of The Lord
2. Jesus (His Blood)
3. Praise Him
4. Bless That Wonderful Name of Jesus
5. Hallelujah
6. How Great Is Our God
7. How Great Thou Art
8. I Know It Was The Blood
9. Take Me To The Water
10. Thank You Lord

Essential Gospel Piano Classics


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