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Introducing the Gospel Piano Exposure training video bundle - "Take Me To Church" and "Essential Hymns and How To Reharmonize". This bundle is specially designed for musicians who play piano for a church and gospel musicians who want to take their playing to the next level.
With this video bundle, you will learn:
  • Creative song arrangements that will add freshness to your playing
  • How to reharmonize your favorite songs and create your own creative ways to play them
  • Essential hymns that every church pianist should know
  • Tips and tricks to advance your playing several levels
  • Techniques that will make your playing stand out and be noticed
By investing in this video bundle, you will unlock new levels of your playing and become a more confident musician. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expose yourself and learn from an experienced gospel pianist and take your playing to the next level. Order now and start your journey towards becoming a better musician!


Gospel Piano Exposure Bundle


Spend at least $25.00 & get 1 product for 50% off

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