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Introducing "Left Hand Techniques For Gospel Piano" - the ultimate instructional video that will revolutionize your piano playing and take your skills to soaring heights!
Unlock the secrets of gospel piano mastery with musician Kenneth Hollins as your guide. In this captivating video, Kenneth shares his experience in utilizing the left hand to create full sounding chords and progressions.
You'll discover a treasure trove of invaluable techniques that you can apply right away. From rhythmic patterns and chord progressions, Kenneth's teachings will empower you to infuse your playing with a new level of depth and expression.

You Will Learn To Do The Following With Your Left Hand:


  • Using Octaves
  • Using Perfect 5ths
  • Using Inversions
  • Using Drop 2 Voicings
  • Using 10ths
  • Using Chromatics
  • Using Perfect 4ths
  • Practice Techniques
  • And More!



Through step-by-step demonstrations and insightful explanations, Kenneth's dynamic teaching style ensures that you not only understand the techniques but also feel inspired to embrace them as your own.
Whether you're a beginner seeking to establish a solid foundation or an experienced pianist looking to elevate your skills, this video is tailor-made for you. Kenneth's comprehensive approach ensures that learners of all levels will find immense value in this transformative learning experience.
Elevate your playing to new heights and unlock the full potential of your left hand with "Left Hand Techniques For Gospel Piano." Get your copy today and embark on a musical journey that will push you forward and up!

Left Hand Techniques For Gospel Piano


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