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With Top To Bottom Gospel Organ video course you will learn to play the organ for an ENTIRE church service from Top to Bottom! This course is for the beginner to approaching intermediate player. The content is easy to play so that even a beginner can master it. However, the content of this course is very effective in your standard church service.


You will receive 14 instructional videos

with this course!





1. Break Every Chain - Altar Call

2. Blessed - Fellowship/Offering

3. Hallelujah - Praise and Worship

4. High Praise and Preaching Chords

5. High Praise and Runs

6. House Raising Chords

7. I'm a Soldier - Congregational Song

8. Our God - Praise and Worship

9. Preludes

10. Shouting Music

11. Talk Music

12. Thank You Lord - Praise and Worship

13. Worship Progressions

14. Yes Lord - Hymn


High Quality MP4 Video Format




"This video was by far the BEST instructional video that you have ever produced!  Everything is demonstrated and explained! I am a retailer math professor who understands fully the extent of explanation and good teaching. Truly, you are to be commended."


Dr. Leo Edward

Top To Bottom Gospel Organ - For Beginners


Spend at least $25.00 & get 1 product for 50% off

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